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Member Committee Purposes

Finance:   As a Finance Committee, we feel it is important for new members to know first and foremost that we have a committee comprised of general members and board members which reviews the financial status of the resort on a regular basis. This committee helps to maintain sound fiscal decisions, best practices, and it protects the assets and overall financial welfare of the resort.  We invite you to review the fee schedule of the resort found in the appendix of the rules and regulations.


Facilities and Land Use:  The Facilities and Land Use Committee works to help understand issues and opportunities around the land, which would include taxes, water rights, grazing, easements, land swaps, buying or selling land to present to the Board of Directors. 

IT and Communications:   The Information Technology (IT) and Communications Committee meets to ensure that the resort infrastructure is adequate. This committee assists in managing the resort website and member information emails as well as assisting other committees with various projects. The support from the IT committee amongst the other committees is pertinent in getting information distributed.


Outdoor:   The Outdoor Committee takes focus on the recreational aspects of the resort as well as the Wilderness Campgrounds (Druby & Bernice) and all the roads and trails throughout the resort wilderness areas.  In addition, this committee is committed to Fire Prevention and Safety in all the Wilderness Areas of the resort. This committee is composed of members and board members that work together with regard to resort hunting and outdoor activities. The committee plays a vital role in work days that focus on resort improvements, member resources and volunteer hours. Hunt rules and safety for the hunt season are also a focus, along with a combination of efforts that increase the viability of the resort and its wilderness areas for future generations.


Rules and Regulations:   The Rules and Regulations Committee focuses on just that, the Rules and Regulations of East Canyon Resort. Rules are necessary to help the resort have consistency for everyone. The Board Members suggest concerns brought up by the members, East Canyon Resort staff or the Board themselves and ask for discussion from the committee. If a rule needs to be made and/or changed to better fit the needs of the members and/or the resort, it is brought back to the Board for final discussion and if approved, is then adopted into the Rule Book. They also work on keeping the Rules and Regulations Book up to date. 


If you have any questions or would like to be considered to serve on one of these committees, please contact us on the website at under Member Login> Committee Applications or return application to Keisha with Member Services.

Thank you!

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