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East Canyon Resort offers different membership classes to choose from. They range from RV use only up to 14 regular condo days plus RV use. Memberships are a one time purchase with annual maintenance fees. Membership years start on April 1st and end on March 31st of the following year. The rules and regulations for East Canyon Resort members can be read under the Member Services tab and Member Information. Please contact Member Services below to inquire more information.



Memberships with condo days have a certain amount of regular Summer and Winter condo days to use each membership year. Condo day reservations can be made up to 365 days in advance to the check-in date. Reservations using regular condo days may be used by a guest. 



Memberships with RV use are able to have two advance RV Park reservations on the books at a time. Each reservation can be made up to 60 days in advance to the check-in date, and can each be made for up to 7 consecutive days. All advance RV Park reservations must be occupied by the owning member. Guest RV reservations can be made the same day of check-in upon availability, are limited to 3 consecutive days, and have a guest fee. Owning members must be present at all times during the guest RV Park reservation. 



All members in good-standing can use the resort facilities at any time, no reservation required!  These facilities include our indoor and outdoor sports, 65+ miles of ATV trails on 9000+ acres of property, pools and hot tubs, shooting range, and more! 



The resort offers special activities throughout the membership year for members to enjoy. Please see the Activities Flyer under the Member Services tab and Member Information

Member Services Department 

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Phone: 801-359-9030 option 3

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