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 Membership Overview

East Canyon Resort Fiscal Year: April 1st – March 31st
Winter Time- September 16th- May 14th
Summer Time- May 15th – September 15th

Condo memberships allow stays from 7 to 14 days per fiscal year and the RV usage is year-round. With an East Canyon Resort membership, you will be able to make condo reservations one year in advance and RV reservations sixty days in advance. This will give you plenty of time to make your family plans.


If you are interested in trading your East Canyon Resort condo time to a different resort,  East Canyon Resort is affiliated with RCI and VRI, who have condos throughout the United States and internationally.


Any questions you may have regarding purchasing a membership or trading a condo can be answered by the Membership Services department at the Resort. They can give you complete details and can be reached at 801-359-9030, option 3.

Condo Usage

Members may call one year in advance of the date you want to check-in. Members may use half of their Condo time in the summer and half of their Condo time in the winter. For example; A ‘Class A’ membership has ten condo days. They may use five in the summer and five in the winter. Members may split their regular time into more than two stays in a fiscal year. Each condo reservation has a cleaning fee at the time of check-in. 

Guests may use your Regular condo time, but reservations must be made by the member and the guests name must be placed on the reservation.  The guest will need to have ID that matches the name on the reservation at time of check-in. Guest may use all of the Amenities. Members must be present for the ATV trails, Shooting Range, and Archery Range.

Bonus time may be scheduled 21 days in advance for Condo Members and 28 days in advance for a RV Member of a Relative Right Member, of the date you want to check-in. You cannot give away bonus time, it must be used by the member. 

RV Usage

Members may call 60 days in advance of the date you want to check-in.  The RV park allows two reservations on the books at one time.  Members may stay up to seven days at a time.  RV's may not be left unoccupied over night.  Members may not give RV time to guests.  The member must be present at all times during the reservation.  Guest reservations may be made the same day as check-in when there is availability. 

Facility Usage

Members may use the resort facilities as often as they would like.  There is no need to have a reservation to come enjoy the many activities that East Canyon Resort offers.