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The Front Desk and General Store will be changing their hours starting November 12th, 2023. The new hours will be:  

Monday-Thursday 10 AM – 6 PM 

Friday 11 AM – 9 PM 

Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM 

Sunday Closed 


The Store will be closed all day on the following holidays:

November 23rd for Thanksgiving,

December 25th for Christmas Day,

January 1st for New Year’s Day  

If you have questions regarding accessing the resort on a Sunday, please review the information below, this information is subject to change. If you have additional questions not answered by the page, please call the Front Desk at (801) 359-9030 option 5.  

Retrieving Gate Codes 

To have gate codes emailed to you please call or text (801) 719-7973. For physical copies, available from 2 PM – 11 PM, please call security at (801) 837-0024. 

Utilizing Short/Long Term  

Please visit the store on Saturday to receive your short-term or long-term tag. If you are unable to do so, Security will be able to help you after 2 PM on Sunday.  

Staying in Druby or Bernice 

While the highway and campgrounds are still open, if you want to arrive on a Sunday, please call (801) 719-7973 the day of for instructions. 

Sporting Equipment 

While weather conditions allow the sporting courts to remain open, we will have equipment set out and available to borrow on an honor system in the Lodge. Once the Lodge closes at 3 PM, equipment will no longer be available. 

Board Games 

Available to borrow on an honor system, located near the fireplace in the Lodge. 

Movie Rentals 

Movie returns may be kept until Monday morning; if you are checking out this day, please leave the movie in your condo. New rentals may not be purchased on Sunday.  

Maintenance and Housekeeping Requests 

10 AM – 2 PM, please call (801) 719-7973.  

2 PM – 11 PM, please call Security at (801) 837-0024. 

ATV/Snowmobile Inspections 

Whenever possible, please plan to complete these during Store hours.  

Checking In 

Instructions will be posted on the Store’s door. RVs may pull into their spot after 2 PM. Condo keys will be put out after 4 PM. Please see the Store Monday morning to check in. 

Checking Out 

Instructions will be posted on the Store’s door. Condo keys may be dropped in the drop box before the Lodge doors. RVs may drop their tags through the ice key drop. 

Shooting Range 

Both ranges will be closed on Sundays.    

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