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Special Events Assistant

Special Events is one of the most dynamic departments at East Canyon Resort. We cover everything from weddings to insanely fun summer parties to holiday events and even some landscaping work. We do it all!


As an assistant, you would be helping the manager ensure everything is ready to go for the upcoming event. For example, the week(s) leading up to a holiday event, you would help prepare crafts and decorations and plan the event activities. (Our events are always the Saturday before the official holiday, so you would be off to celebrate with your family each holiday.) The day of the event, you’d work side by side with the manager to ensure the day is a complete success! This may include managing a group of volunteers, meeting vendors to show them where to set-up, running the crafts/activities, handling a pickleball tournament, preparing for movie night under the stars, making sure the band has everything they need, or leading our parade in a golf cart!


During the week, Special Events also helps set up for upcoming weddings. This includes cleaning any tables and chairs, pulling weeds around the wedding area, watering the flowers and ensuring the resort looks its best in preparation for the wedding. We are present and available the day of the wedding to help the couple with any last-minute things that may arise.


This position is not a desk job. We will spend a lot of time inside prepping for events (making wreaths, experimenting with different craft ideas, etc.), but we also spend a lot of the day moving around the resort. If you’re looking for an active, summer job with a semi-flexible schedule, an easy-going manager, and lots of fun, this is the position for you!


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have. We’d love to discuss this opportunity with you!

801-359-9030 option 2

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